Zdeněk Jaroš dřevo
Historie firmy Zdeněk Jaroš dřevo


Our company was established in 1991 by Zdeněk Jaroš. The main company business plan was and is production of firing wood.

One year later we expended and we started with manufacturing of parquets shook, furnishings moulding and floor lumber for Netherlands and Belgium market.

In 1994 our company started to be a family company. Jaroš senior and junior started to expended more on Czech and European market and extended the production in building timber and pallet shook.

In next years we started to cooperate with Belgium company in production of furniture to children rooms. This part of production is mainly for export to the Belgium and the Netherlands.

In last years we started to export the furniture to the Germany and the Austria with success.

We are now specialized mainly in sell and manufacturing of construction timber. Our production is from wood of all quality scales, all sizes and from needle-leaved and leaved trees.
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